Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I dint uploaded this mod... this mod finished in febuary 2011. Sorry for the time I lost the file
Now you can download it. This is tested on VC and it works, the SA one is not tested, so leave a comment
if there is a crash or something.


[SA/VC] Charger Sabre New Model (Updated 3 Dec 2011)

The new one, dont think what this is all, the model is still
not finished the door handlers and mirrors will be modifed
and the interior need new textures.


I finally fixed everything,  Sorry for long time there are more
mods what i dint finished...

The download have 3 versions: 1 SA and 2 for VC (MVL one)


Sendspace {temp}

Monday, September 26, 2011

COLT Anaconda [UPDATE]

Small update for the anaconda, fixed many bugs like the model darkness, now the model is bright and white like the texture. Hand bug fixed too.

Screenshot, now the models look ingame like this! [MODEL 1 TOP] [MODEL 2 V]

DOWNLOAD in the old post.

Finally fixed the darkness

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

M16 - FAMAS [VC] (Links Fixed)

New release, M16 original model by Rockstar games (GTA SA CUTSCENE/BETA M16)
retextured, and scoped version by me.

This mod is old, I created it in 2010 lol I updated it and added the scoped version
(BF vietnam syle)

Some pics....


A new mod what you can download now is the FAMAS, just a converted sketchup model and retextured.
good looking, This replaces the MP5


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Burrito MCV

Im sure what you like things like this....

[WIP] Charger Sabre

My favorited edited SA car this Dodge charger/Gta IV duke style sabre...
I know what the sabre is a chevelle but this front makes the car awesome.

It will replace the Sabre turbo, if you want the supercharger carb to work, replace the pheonix
The mvl format have the carb working.

The car is not ready yet but it I will finish this soon.

Lots of pics:

Working engine carb

Friday, September 16, 2011

Converting my SA mods to VC

Im too limited to make mods for VC because there cant be added vehicles like SA dodo
replacements because the plane in VC (skimmer) can only take off from the water...

One good thing is what I can convert ALL my car mods, Some of them likr the Charger Sabre (cooming soon)
Have extra supercharger functions on MVL. Here a pic, ready to be converted.

Helis like my CH-53 and MI - 8 are not going to be converted, they are too big and cause collision and camera problems.

But Ill convert attack helicopter like Mi - 24 and KA 50 are perfect for the hunter.

[REL/VC] Blista Compact Sport

Great modifed BC with many GTA IV parts (80% from IV Blista)
MVL version added too.

  New bodykit, original from the blista but bigger with HQ grills and Lights. Wheels from gta IV I dont remember from what car is it lol, Spoiler created by me
Roof from NFS Carbon.. New engine, from IV BC. Exhaust                                                  
Light and grill HQ textures found in google.

Interior and doors, from GTA IV blista

I recommend to install the MVL verison because you dont need
to replace the car, just add the .7z (if you have installed the MVL mod
of course)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

[WIP][VC] Seaplanes

Just giving some acticvity... Im converting some sketchup models for fun and transforming them to something better. All what I post here will replace the Deaddodo and Skimmer.

This plane is done but needs a lot of bugfixes there is a second one ill update later.
Old plane pic removed i will dont finish that Beriev 6 its too big for VC
so I need to finish this one, greeat looking.