Friday, April 22, 2011

New Car + News: Mountainstalker S

This is the original landstalker from SA. Edited, rextextured...

This one is a update for the original Mountainstalker (Model 1).
But this one is a another landstal edited from scratch so its a new model and not a version.
The Mountainstalker 1 have diferent parts, etc.

This one is more edited. the first one is my second dff mod... so its very old than this one.

And I decided, to make it as a new mod.

Edition details:

Many converted parts.

-Gta IV wheels (bobcat)
-Gta IV bumpers (bobcat rancher)
-New door mirrors for interior too from a landstalker and cavalcade from gta IV.
-GTA iv cavalcade interior seats, backseats from a huntley.
-GTA IV dukes dasboard.
-Gta iv cavalcade interior door textures.
-Flatout 2 Venom engine, suspension and breaks.
-18 wheels of steel hidden engine parts.
-GTA iv plates.
-SA Mesa wheel on boot.
-Crate as extra


-Single carpet textures for the interior

Known bugs:

-Pedals are untextured and in wrong possition.

Pic here:


Next Download post cooming soon for the next mods:

Note: Some mods are in

-Multiblackhawk raindance.

-CS 1.6 dump truck

-CS 1.6 Cessna Plane

-Turismo Concept

-Ghost Plane

-Edited VC weapons

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