Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New mod (helicopter): Multi Blackhawk RAINDANCE

Another modification, I modifcated the Raindance to a military, utility, rescue helicopter separated by 6 extras
The extras are created using gta iv parts and Zmodeler 2 shapes

Features and infos:

I transformed the gta iv Annihilator  minigun pods to missile pods and other things
to show it like a S70 or a MH60

Another extra is a 50 cal gun on the lateral i taked it from a LAUNCH boat.

I created a interior with opened doors (original raindance have unopenable closed doors)
I added seats made by scratch using Zmodeler 2 shapes with a small Extinguisher extra..

I removed the original raindance cockpit and I added the annihilator cockpit.

Added new rotor blades.

Removed tail and added a better quality one.

New wheels.

Skins (I dont know how many, work in progress, currently 3)

14677 triangles 44184 vertices.

When I update i will edit THIS POST.

Now some images: NOTE: There may be old version models.


  1. I really want is this MOD

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